The Future of Zynga Games

Added: April 25, 2012

Zynga Games has completely changed the social gaming industry and the way trade and commerce is carried out in the present day. In spite of the fast growing potential, the news of Zynga going IPO (Initial Public Offering) had taken many by surprise. Zynga games had to keep up with its rival counterparts such as Pandora and Groupon. These gaming brands continue to alter our lives by offering interactive experiences. With the wall gradually thinning between the real and the virtual world, we have a look at the potential trends and how it might shape the future of online gaming industry and the gambling industry of USA.

Farmville, Cityville and Frontierville started as the top three games of Zynga. Empire and Allies, Mafia Wars, Hidden Chronicles are few of the other games that also gained fast popularity on the social network Facebook of late. While social gambling and gaming through these means continue to provide revenue to these companies, maintaining these customers is an equally challenging task. Zynga creates the illusion of free gaming attracting users to play the game, in the process promoting their product. It also has several gaming credit techniques that have to be purchased by players through Credit Card or Paypal.

Boredom in these games after some point is inevitable among players. Therefore, once attracted, they constantly add new innovations from time to time in order maintain their customer player base. In order to have the company’s revenues growing, the number of players must grow too and the initial attraction of free gaming keep players. Social gaming through applications such as Zynga can only move the progressive way. Customer acquisition must therefore become their most important strategy and primary target in order to keep up the success trend and bright future of Zynga games.

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