Problem Gambling

Added: June 25, 2012

Like any other addiction, gambling can be very destructive to people's lives. As well as affecting the person directly involved, problem gambling can also affect other people in that person’s life. People don’t have to suffer in silence though because there is help available.

Each online gambling portal should in some way be seen to actively be promoting sensible and responsible gambling. Things such as deposits limits can be set by the player. The deposits limits can be daily, weekly or monthly limits. This basically means that if a player sets the limit for $500 a month, once a player has reached this amount in deposits over the course of a month, you will be notified by the casino support that you have reached the limit you set.

These restrictions can help some people who have a less serious gambling problem, but for players with a deeper rooted problem, these limits can easily be raised, which means there is no point in setting a deposit limit in the first placed. Gambling operators should have various other measures in place to protect their customers.

The best advice for those who believe they may have a gambling problem is to actually seek professional help. If you are in denial that you have a problem or you are simply not sure what is regarded as having a gambling problem, there are now several organisations that players can contact to find out more information and start receiving help and guidance should they need this help.

If you look on the homepage of most reputable gambling portals, such as a poker site, bingo site, casino online or online sportsbetting site, you should notice the logo of a reputable organisation that offers free counselling and support for those who feel as though they are suffering in any way from gambling. Two of these leading support sites include both GAMCARE and Gambleaware.

These UK based support sites have trained staff that can be contacted by telephone, email and in some cases live chat. There are also chat rooms where you can communicate with others who are in a similar predicament. The live chat and telephone support may not be available 24/7, but you can visit these sites and find out what hours their helplines are in fact open. Alternatively, you can browse through each site to learn more about gambling and the problems that can often occur.

Problem gamblers should remember that with groups like this, there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Your information is kept private and the conversations that you have with these supportive advisors is also made within a secure environment, plus it’s free. These groups don't have ulterior motives, they are just there to offer as much support and advice as the gambler needs.

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