Multiplayer online gaming: It's origin, development and future

Added: April 12, 2012

Online multiplayer gaming (OMPG) is a mode of videogame, which supports hundreds and thousands of players simultaneously. All the players here are online and play on a single platform. Earlier, only computers allowed playing such games, but now advanced gaming consoles such as PlayStation 3, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo are packed with inbuilt features to support online gaming. These multi player games enable players to compete against each other and prove their gaming skills, no matter from which part of the world they are playing.

Online multi-player games have developed and evolved in a big way, but they still face certain limitations and challenges. Some of them are briefly described here.

Graphics features

The graphics of gaming can be described as the visual representation of the virtual world of gaming, where the players interact and play. Various forms of graphics are used in video games and the most basic form is text based. Initially when the games were in simple 2D overview format, the graphical features were much simpler and easy to handle. But the latest 3D high definition formats are posing formidable challenges for the programmers.

Processing speed & memory

The core processing of these online games is actually supported by the host servers, the client computers simply provide access to the virtual world. The client computers of the players simply display what the server computer commands it to display. It also sends the inputs inserted by other host players in real time to the server and displays appropriate response to the player. Considering the current popularity trend of online multi-player games among players, it’s fair enough to say that online gaming can grow more, but is restricted by the limitations of servers to handle traffic and process the mammoth size input commands. Actually this limitation isn’t technical; it’s posed by financial constraints. These servers are pretty costly and the daily operational cost may amount to thousands of dollars. But luckily, most of these expenses get covered by the subscription charges levied on the user players.

Future of multi-player online games

Despite its existence in the market for so many years, the online gaming industry is still in its fledgling stage, owing to several technical limitations and other aspects. But if we look at the multi-billion dollar mainstream gaming industry and its ever growing popularity, it is legitimate to forecast its brighter future.

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