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Added: April 24, 2012

After a preview issue in November 1992 by Viz Media (operated by Shogakukan), the first Animerica magazine release was made the following year in the month of February. It comprised of anime and manga related articles, reviews of various anime titles, and sometimes even previews of certain anime chapters. Aimed at the young adult group, Animerica grew quite popular among anime and manga cartoon lovers and the magazine successfully thrived for almost a decade, i.e till 2000. Here are some of the covers of issues during the 90s ( ). After that, the magazine was modified and published as Animerica Extra focusing exclusively on Shōjo titles  and the number of pages being almost doubled.

Every issue of Animerica was a reader’s delight offering information about new releases both in USA and Japan. Articles and reviews contained in the magazine explored the various aspects of new anime and manga series. A single chapter from Viz manga series would also be included with the issue apart from regular games, music releases and model kits. Some of the comic series covered included Shonen Jump, Dark Horse's Super Manga Blast etc.

The original of Animerica is no longer available. It had undergone changes over the years with Viz Media choosing to change its basic format even further after having issued quarterly digests as Animerica Extra. Animerica faced increasing competition from rivals like New Type USA, Anime Insider and also had to cope with sales losses. From April 2005, Animerica was published under three different publications with three different purposes, those being for advertising, offering general scope and information and the last for distribution of anime and manga conventions. June 2008 saw the last and the end of Animerica after being in the anime circle for approximately 15 years in total.

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