3D Animation and its impactful influence on the Virtual World

Added: April 5, 2012

3D Animation has been one of the most entertaining inventions in the field of technology which has led to the invention of high definition gaming as well as animated movies, that are the main center of entertainment. The concept of 3D animation and Virtual Realms combine when one thinks about a great simulator which can involve a user testing under different conditions in the real world. These methods can be used for training of a group of people for a specific task. The high quality 3D animation makes the virtual world seem to be even more real. It thus becomes difficult to differentiate between yhe real world and the virtual world. These technologies are also used for means of testing a particular set of skills in a person. A better 3D animation makes it easy for the user to improve the quality of presentations, as well as provide them with options to communicate in a better manner. The improvement in 3D animation will help in advancement of technologies like Electronic Gaming, Artificial Intelligence and movies of the modern day that use technology a lot. The simulators can be helpful in activities like controlling air traffic.

Animation in three dimensions has helped not only in exploring the entertainment aspect but also the resources that can be created out of this technology so as to assist the normal user. Gaming has gone to the next level where a player can play with the hardware which acts as his or her tool in the virtual world to portray himself as a game character. This hardware uses motion sensor technology which turns the game from an entertainment activity into a real life experience for the user. The use of 3D animation improves the look and feel of the application, whether it is a game or any training program.

Animation, besides being utilized in gaming, has many other applications in the medical, designing as well as development fields. Entertainment has gone to the next level with the invention of 3D televisions which makes user a part of the virtual reality that is happening in front of him/her. The designers use softwares like AUTOCAD to build a design which is useful in mechanics for any kind of development. The 3D applications are built with artificial intelligence that can help researchers from medical background. Now days user can simply build a virtual environment for themselves to work under certain constraints.

The new inventions in 3D technology have always improved ways in which a user can see and use the technology as well as explore the new possibilities that can change and improve the virtual realm constantly.

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